Woodslee School Picture – 1925

Woodslee school 1925

My grandmother, being a teacher, documented the schools in Rochester pretty well. She was a teacher in South Woodslee (S.S. #15) in 1925. Madeline was formerly of Leamington. She went to Normal School in Hamilton to get her teaching certificate, then taught for a brief time at the Six Nations Reserve. Ever the traveller, she then went to Pelee Island. And then to Woodslee. When she married my grandfather, she moved to the farm and didn’t teach anymore. Her own kids went to S.S. #2, which was on the South Malden Road, a couple of miles outside of Woodslee towards Ruscomb.

This is the picture of The Junior Room at S.S. #15. The kids are:

(back row) Gordon McKenzie, Bruce Allison, Hugh Voakes, Alan Mills, Miss Madeline Delaurier, Oliver Wilcox, Kenneth Dewhirst, Stanley Roath, Harold Voakes (behind), Arthur Hunter.

Front row: Eleanor Allison, Dorothy Fair, Norma Hooker, Evelyn Roath, Alice Stothard, Violet Stowe, Mary Tweedale, Ella Holman, Eleanor Robson, Eleanor Dewhirst, Irene Voakes, Lettie Hunter


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