The Women of South Woodslee

Woodslee_Womens_1916 (1)

I love it when people send me articles and pictures for my blog. This one was sent to me by Ellen Allison. The Allison famuily lived in Woodslee. Bruce Allison owned Woodslee Credit Union, where we banked. And anybody who had Ethel Allison for a music teacher would never forget her. My own musical ability (not professional, but I have fun) was nurtured when I was a child .. from my grandmothers, my mother, the Ruscomb United church hymns, and in Dr. S.F. Millen School with Miss Allison.

If anybody knows the names of the women in this picture, do tell. I am guessing from the photo that it’s early 1900s. If that’s the case, my own great grandmother Sarah Jane Ellis Totten might be in the photo …

Thanks for the picture, Ellen!


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  1. Slight correction necessary: Credit Unions are cooperatives thus owned by all its members. Bruce was the Treasurer/President/CEO depending on his time in office. Noting him as the chief financial officer would be highly probable.

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