Great Grandpa Fenner – A Life

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I found this online from the Comber Herald. I didn’t know my Great Grandfather. Neither did my father. My grandfather barely knew him, having only been 8 years old when his father died. I think I would have really liked him.

Death of Adam R. Fenner – Comber Herald – April 7, 1910

People of the district were pained to hear of the death of Mr. Adam. R. Fenner, Middle Road, Rochester, which occurred on Wednesday March 30, 1910 at Hotel Dieu Hospital, Windsor, following an operation for appendicitis. Death was due to blood poisoning. The deceased was well and widely known in the district. He was born on the homestead where he spent his whole life, his father being John Fenner (ed note: this is wrong … his father was also Adam. John Fenner was likely an uncle. He lived in Comber), who died some 36 years ago. He was a man of sterling worth, a progressive and industrious fellow; a man whose word was as good as his bond.

At the time of his death and for several years previous, Mr. Fenner was elected to the Council board. The ratepayers of Rochester admired the deceased for the able manner in which he assisted in conducting the township business. At all time he displayed a spirit of fairness in dealing with the many problems that so often beset the council proceedings.

The late Mr. Fenner was just entering the middle age of life, being in his 45th year, an age that is full of interest to most men when the past is full of pleasant memories and the future looking bright for the success of his family. Besides his widow, who was Miss Agnes Irwin of Mersea, eight children – four sons and four daughters – are left to mourn is unexpected departure from life. Mrs. Robert Hull, of South Woodslee, is his only sister, and Mr. William Fenner of Rochester, is a half brother. He leaves his family well provided for. Besides his land holdings of 300 acres in Rochester Township, he leaves an insurance policy of $2000 in the Maccabbees (ed. Note: a fraternal lodge based in Comber, Ontario)

The funeral took place Friday at 1:30 o’clock. The remains were conveyed to the Methodist Church, Ruscomb, where the service was conducted by the pastor, Rev. Mr. Pring, assisted by the Rev. A.B.M. Thomson of Amherstburg, formerly in charge of the circuit, and an intimate friend of the deceased. The church was too small to hold the gathering and many were compelled to remain outside during the service. After the service, the remains were conveyed to Albuna Cemetery for interment, followed by a large concourse of mourning and sympathizing friends.

The Maccabbees Lodge of Comber, of which the deceased was a member, attended the funeral in a body, and six of the members acted as pallbearers.

Members of the Rochester Council and Clerk Mousseau were also in attendance.


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  1. Shirley blackwell

    Well I remember Mrs Hull. We had to drop in there every Sunday after church. She seemed really old then. Her daughter Dorothy who worked in Detroit had spunk!

    • She died before I was born, but I remember Dorothy Hull because she was a friend of Grandma’s. I always assumed we were related to Dorothy Hull on the Wallace side, not the Fenner side. “Aunt Lib” Hull was born on the farm a day before her mother, Maria Elizabeth, was put away in the Asylum for the last time. Grandma’s history of the Fenners say that Maria died in childbirth giving birth to Elizabeth, but thanks to historical records on the internet, we now know that wasn’t true. And therein lies the tale which will be told in my documentary …

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