My GGG Grandfather Fought for the Wrong Side!

I have been putting together the story of Jean Baptiste Delaurier and his wife Julia Hazel, my great great great grandparents.

What’s really interesting about this story is that Jean Baptiste was a prisoner of war at the beginning of the War of 1812. He was captured by the British. Meaning, he was fighting for the Americans. The record I found says he was captured at Detroit.

His wife to be, on the other hand, was the daughter of Edward Hazel, who fought for the British (both in the southern states during the American War of Independence, and then he ended up in the Amherstburg, Ontario area fighting in the War of 1812).

So, the story which seems to be emerging is that Jean Baptiste, prisoner of war, American, somehow met Julia Hazel, daughter of Edward, British soldier.

The story that I am imagining is that somehow Edward must have been impressed with young Jean Baptiste, who was probably taken over to the Canadian (technically, British) side of the river after he was captured. I can’t think how Jean Baptiste would have met Julia unless Julia’s father somehow had a hand in it. He was The Enemy, after all. And he would have been in prison. In those days, the marriage wouldn’t have happened if the parents didn’t agree. So Edward must have seen some redeeming qualities in Jean Baptiste, despite the fact that they were on opposing sides of the war.

Julia and Jean Baptiste were married in Detroit after the war was over (in 1819). They lived stateside for a few years after their marriage. So obviously the Hazels didn’t harbour a grudge against the Americans for all those rough years of war. Julia and JB’s first child, Charles was born in Detroit. Julia received a land grant in Mersea township (near Leamington), dated 1834. That’s probably when they came back to Canada.

So, what we have is an American prisoner of war who was able to obtain a nice parcel of land from his enemy, the British. By marrying a daughter of the Empire.

And they all lived happily ever after. They had lots of kids, a very large family and we’re still all doing just fine (well, my branch of this large family tree is anyway. Can’t speak for all my other thousands of cousins).

Delaurier cousins, if you have any more info about this, I’d love some more of the blanks to be filled in.


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