Looking for the Cotters of Woodslee

The Great Southern Hotel Woodslee or So. Woodslee

I have been corresponding with Dennis Cotter of Woodslee who has been trying to track down some long lost relatives.

The above picture, is the Great Southern Hotel in Woodslee — Writes Dennis — “This hotel was owned by my great grand parents Ed and Margaret Cotter, Edward (Ned) died in 1892 and Margaret ran it until she sold it to her nephew Simon Hogan in 1896. The lady on the far left is Emma Cotter Maier, one of Edward’s younger sisters.”

He is also trying to track down some missing branches of the family tree.

“My Cotter’s were from Ontario, I think near Tilbury. My grandfather, John Peck was supposedly adopted by Charles & Mary Ann Pique from around Chatham Tilbury district. I think now that there was no adoption that far back. My grand father was born in 1866 in Canada. All he knew was his real parents name was Cotter & they were too poor to keep him. Probably had other children too.
I’m wondering if there is any way to trace them. I have written to Chatham, Toronto and Ottawa and none could help. I’m glad to know two things, the name and the area. These Piques’ took him when he was a baby. My grandfather and mother’s name should have been Cotter if he wasn’t adopted.”

If anyone has any information to contribute, post a comment on this post and I’ll put you in touch with Dennis.

And thanks, Dennis, for sending me this request. I like it when people add to the knowledge that has already been collected by my grandmother. It means that our heritage and history is constantly growing. And therefore, the past, and our ancestors, still live on.


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  1. I am a descendent of edward hazel he is my 3 x great grandfather, his daughter Mary married Thomas Wilkinson, their daughter Sarah married Cortland Crank, my grandfather Alphonso was b. 1870 Leamington, he came over to Michigan and my mom Lillian Crank was born in Rose City. Both Cortland and Sarah are buried in the Rose City Cemetery. Just by coincidence my summer cottage is in Leamington exactly where Edward Hazel lived. When the lighthouse was built, the workers found the hearth to hazels homestead.

    • Thanks for the info, Rose. I knew the Hazel homestead was right around where Seacliffe Park is now … that’s really interesting about finding the original homestead. So if I look for the lighthouse, that’s where it would be?

  2. Hi Victoria. I’ve come across your blog by chance. I read somewhere that you have a document on the history of Rochester? Is it possible to obtain a copy? I am a school teacher who lives in Belle River and am interested in history. As well, I am looking for information about the Post Office in Stoney Pointe from the 1800s. I wonder if there are any pictures of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you.

    • Hi Chris .. I’m glad you like my/grandma’s blog. I have just sent you the transcript of the history of Rochester township to your email. Love to hear what your students do with the info!


  3. Stephen Brown

    Hi Victoria
    Adam Fenner would be my great grandfather too
    My Grandmother was Lila Fenner Brown
    I have a picture of the homestead in the twenties with Vester on a horse and sled
    My father was Harold Brown son of Jack Brown
    Stephen Brown

  4. Hi . Enjoying your site. In doing some family research, I came across your site. My husband grandfather Sherwood Lawrence Goatbe had biological mother , Mary Ann nee Lowes, die when Lawrence was ant 5 yrs old. Sherwood Goatbe’s father, John Goatbe b. 1893 Tilbury, Essex co , mar Kathleen Dornton ( Dornte?) June 1, 1914. Lawrence Goatbe’s father, John Goatbe b 1863 turn berry yep Huron Co moved too Essec co, and was actually widowed twice, but the Aunt of poet Raymond Knister, was Rachel Madesine nee Knister, who was Lawrence’s stepmother, married too his father John Goatbe of Comber.. From your notes I see that Sherwood Goatbe’s wife, Kathleen Dornton is likely related too the Dornte’s, Sherwood Lawrence Goatbe was raised by Rachel Madelaine Knister from at least age 8 . He had a full sister, Mable Clara Goatbe, b 1891,1887from his fathers sec wifeMary Hannah nee Lowes. And he had two half brothers Gordon Goatbe b 1885, and William E Goatbe b 1887 from his fathers 1st mar. too Elizabeth Nancy nee Hillman b. 1847 Tilbury. So the Aunt too poet , Raymond Knister, sister too Robert Walter Knister, who was Rachel Madeline nee Knister, 3rd wife of widower, John Goatbe, became stepmother too four Goatbe children.

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