The Knister House – Adele’s Letter Part 2

This is part 2 of a letter written to Barbara and John Ayerst from Adella Knister Taylor about the grand home of her childhood. See previous post for part 1.

“Staunton Knister’s dad was a first cousin to pa, and when he had a sale, they bought the TERRIBLE green and gold dresser in the back bedroom which came from England and is walnut (so his wife, Pearl told me). But one of pa’s housekeepers painted it green and gold — wasn’t that awful? …

We gave bushels of things to three museums and others too numerous to mention ..Ethel’s sewing machine and dressers and big table upstairs were left. After her husband died, Ethel moved down to the farm and I went home and washed all the downstairs woodwork and dishes etc. Ethel never had much time for housework — she’d rather be out of doors and tend her cats. I guess that’s why I don’t like cats. Ha.

The two and a half thick stone walls in the basement came out of Amherstburg Quarry in the Detroit River and hauled there on flat cars and it has never frozen in that house with no fire. None o fher her fruit ever froze. We took cars full of things to the Salvation Army in Windsor and left boxes full in the kitchen for them to get but they did not want to come in the house with no one there.

I am thrilled someone bought the place who appreciates it, I could not even think of it for a long time. I was in hospital and bed at Shirley’s for 7 weeks with nervous breakdown. They took a dozen xrays and said it was “fatigue” but found nothing. Memories have no aches and pains. Just Memories.

I think Dr. Charles and Will Knister whose fathers were pa’s brothers, knew how I felt but I went home last May and buried my only sister and came through it fine.”

Next: Part 3 and Adele’s piano.


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