The Emerging Story of Edward “Red” Hazel

Edward Hazel (1750 – 1821) was the father of:

Julia Hazel Delaurier who was: 1780-1851
Father of Gilbert Delaurier 1841-1919
Father of Fred Delaurier 1867 – 1937
Father of Madeline Delaurier Wallace (my grandmother)

I have found references to Edward Hazel in many local Essex County history books, but they were always for an Edward Hazel from Malden. So I didn’t think it was the same Edward Hazel. Thanks to Debbie Honor, who posted a comment, I now know that Malden Edward Hazel is indeed our Edward Hazel: (I quote Debbie)

“During the American Revolution time period Edward Hazel lived in Detroit. There was no one living in the Leamington area at that time. After the war, a group of men,Loyalists, were given a gift of land from the naitves in what we now call Malden Township, a part of Amherstburg. At the northern end of that grant was the property given to Capt. Bird who became Edward Hazel’s brother-in-law through marrying two sisters. Capt. Bird returned to England bacause he inherited land in Wales. He rented the Amherstburg property to his two other sisters-in-law, Agnes Hazel and Judith Ramsey. In 1796, Detroit was handed over to the Americans because the border was settled going through the Great Lakes and the British decided to build Fort Amherstburg on Capt Bird’s property. So they kicked Edward Hazel off. He was compensated for his crops though. Capt. Bird got nothing for the land.

Edward Hazel and Alexander Wilkinson (who married daughter Ann Hazel) were also living on Matthew Elliott’s land in Malden Township during the War of 1812. If you read the story of Alexander’s cabin being burnt in the Essex Biographical book, that is the location. I have a map from the 1960′s made by David Botsford, former Curator of Fort Malden, that shows the location. Edward Hazel was part of the Indian Department and Matthew Elliot was basically his boss. It would have been difficult to do his job if he just lived on his property in the Leamington area. So I’m thinking his cabin at Elliot’s house was a place to stay when he was working. Hazel was the British government’s contact person with the Wyandotte Indians and he often went on raids with the Wyandottes before the War of 1812 to show the British support.

Edward Hazel, as a Loyalist also had a track of land given to him in Colchester in the New Settlement, Lot 77. He was later granted Lot 6 Concession 1 in Mersea Township where my ancestor, Mary Jane Hazel was born. That is where Seacliffe Park and up to Oak Street is today. I have found a reference to him getting land at Point Pelee but I’m not sure if this last piece of property would be considered part of Point Pelee in those days. (VF Note: Our family history says that Jean Baptiste Delaurier and Julia Hazel Delaurier didn’t actually have a deed to the land. In otherwords, they were squatters. Which wasn’t such a low life thing to do in the early 1800s as it would be today. Even so, thank you for restoring the family honour, Debbie, by acknowledging they were there legally. Because we all know how important “family honour” is to all those old county families. By the way, the Delaurier Homestead is now a museum in Point Pelee National Park — though my aunt says Julia and Edward didn’t live there .. it was a cousin. Still need to get to the bottom of that story)

You should see what I have found about Edward Hazel during the American Revolution! Did you know he fought in Georgia and Florida for about two years?”

Thanks Debbie. More material for a book. I am starting to realize that I don’t have to go further than my own family for subjects to write about.


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  1. People reading my story won’t realize the Fort Amherstburg and Fort Malden are the same place. The British named it Fort Amherstburg but during the War of 1812 our area was occupied by the Americans and they always called the fort “the fort at Malden”. So it later became Fort Malden as the name that stuck.

  2. Hi Victoria, Could you fix Edward Hazel’s death date at the top of this page? He died sometime in 1821. I have copies of his daughters land petitions as Daughters of a Loyalist and in one Edward is mentioned as being alive and in the next one, Edward is mentioned as being dead. Therefore, it makes sense that he died between those 2 dates.

  3. Hi Victoria! I am also a descendant of Edward Hazel, and his daughter Mary Jane – I’d love to know more about Edward’s time in the US!
    Mary B

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