New articles coming soon

Once again, real life gets in the way of history. Too busy making my own history to get back to posting stories.

I’ll get back to it next week … promise! In the meantime, it’s great to see that this site is getting steady readers. Fascinating to see what search terms people are using which land them here.

Most recent searches … Hedricks of Ruscom (they were neighbours); Chloe Delaurier (my great great aunt). Lots of searches for Irish people in Comber for some reason (Comber people were always much better at preserving their history than Ruscomb and Woodslee were. Trying to do something about that).

Other topics that have come up that are interesting …. Mr. McDermott, the photographer from Comber who took a lot of photos of local people. I have a whole envelope of mystery photos that Grandma Fenner collected. Most of them, I have no idea who they are …

And of course, Raymond Knister, Ruscomb’s poet laureate continues to be a subject of interest. If you haven’t heard the piece “After Exile”, based on Raymond’s poem which was broadcast on CBC Radio’s Living Out Loud, you can hear it here

And my story about Great Great Grandma Fenner proceeds .. slowly … but it least it’s proceeding.

More later .. winter is coming. Lots of time for writing in front of the fireplace.


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