A whole new box of history …

Hi there .. contemporary life has interfered with my ability to focus on historical life. But I will be back in a couple of days with some more articles. I just received another box of my grandmother’s archives from my aunt Cath Brown.

This one has some of her Tweedsmuir History writings from the Women’s Institute collection. It also has some of her writings from the days when she and my grandfather were involved in the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association and the Essex County Federation of Agriculture.

A couple of my favourite things — she has booklets from the agricultural tours she and my grandfather went on to different parts of the country. They were part of a delegation of farmers from various parts of Ontario who were travelling together by train to meet other farmers … they went to Eastern Ontario, Quebec and a couple of other places. They were supposed to be going to Western Canada too, but that trip was just a couple of months before I was born. (I like to think that’s why they stayed home). What I love the most about reading these booklets is that I saw that my grandfather and grandmother had some really exciting adventures together in the decade before my grandfather died. It makes his death at an early age a little bit easier to think about when I see what a good life together they had.

The other thing which stands out is my grandmother’s account of how she was able to locate the history of St. Joachim. I had no idea my grandmother could speak French well enough to translate the French documents left by Father Emery.

More later … happy summer everybody!


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  1. I enjoy your site. I am a rookie at researching Windsor and Sandwich records and perhaps you can help me. My ancestor Richard Goodbody settled there ~1824 to 1840. He received a grant of land in 1824 and later acquired other properties. I think he sold it all in ~1840. I found the original petitions, grants and patents but I can find no record of the sale. Can you guide me? His daughter Margaret (Margaurite) was married at Assumption Church in 1826.

    • Hi Joe — glad you enjoy the site … I have to start adding more stories. I got distracted and there is so much more to add. Re: finding the record of the sale of your ancestors’ property — my cousin Sharon found the whole history of my great great grandfather’s property in the land registry office. It dated back to 1850, so it’s likely that you could also find the entire history there too. The land registry office is on MacDougall, I think. What you need is the address and the name of the current owner, if you’ve got it. You start with that and work backwards. It can be pretty complicated to find, so you might want to talk to someone who searches land transfers for a living (there are people who do registry searches for lawyers every time a property changes hands. They know how to do the digging). What I found on my gg grandfather’s property title was who he bought the farm from, and every single mortgage and transaction up until the present day. Fascinating. Especially since we also found his will. Good luck with it.

  2. Hi if you find any references to Oliver James Wilcox of Woodslee I would be much appreciative. He was my grandfather and was very active at a young age in hybrid seed corn but unfortunately died in the WW2 when my father was only 3. John Hamilton Wilcox married Vera Beatrix Fenner (Beatrice Wilcox). Thanks so much, Lisa Wilcox

  3. Hi Lisa .. my dad, Bill Fenner, was your grandfather’s cousin. He told me he remembers your grandfather’s funeral very well … it was held at Aunt Beatrice and Uncle John’s farm, and members of the military came in full uniform and fired a twenty-one gun salute. My dad would have been a teenager at the time and he remembers it. When I’m up to visit him next I’ll ask him to tell me more about your grandfather. (Dad’s 79 now, and still has a good memory and I’m finding out a whole bunch of things from him.)

  4. Hello. Do you have the book on the history of St Joachim Parish? There are many entries in this book regarding my family (Walker, John, Albert etc.) Is it available for me to make copies of pertinent pages?

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