The Cotter Family

I really love it when people post their family info here. I got this info from Dennis Cotter of West Bloomfield Michigan … if anybody has any info about the Cotters, the Hogans, Murphys or Donovans, please reply with a comment.

Here’s what Dennis sent me:

Hello: Somewhere I read that you have data of Madeline’s that indicates where in Ireland many of the early Irish settlers came from. My 2nd great grandfather was Michael Cotter of Rochester Township listed in many reports as one of the early settlers in the Belle River area , I think Concession 1, Lot 4. I know he was from Cork but it would help if I could zero in geographically. I will be taking my first trip to Ireland this August.

According to the Essex County 1851 census, Michael was listed as being born circa 1795 and according to notes in the 1984 150th annivesary book of St. Simon, St. Jude Church in Belle River, Michael settled before the early 1830s if I read the text correctly.

Michael had a brother William (b: circa 1797) and a brother John (b:circa 1800) both show in the 1851 census. I did correspond with Madeline many years ago and she she passed on many copies of local info
which I still retain. If anything I have would be helpful to you I’d be happy to share it.


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  1. Hi I’m from the Mullins’ clan in Woodslee Lot 19 2nd Conc Rochester Twp.
    Michael Cotter’s daughter Nellie (Helen) Cotter born c1837, married an Edmund Mullins born 1838 part of that clan.

    • You were probably one of our neighbours! My grandparents lived on the 4th concession. There were also some Mullins who lived next to the tracks on highway 98 (County Road 46) next to my other grandparents.

  2. Dennis Cotter

    Chuck: The Nellie Cotter you mention was also called Ellen plus my research on Edmund Mullins indicates his name to have been Edmund John Mullins, thus he is sometimes listed in records as a John Mullins. There is always something that can confuse us researchers and the records available at John’s granddaughters Julia & Helen lived with my grandmother in Detroit on Townsend Ave. for a short period as my father remembers them as having the biggest bedroom , funny what one remembers. The Mullen sisters moved to Chicago’s south side at 1962 E. 71st place near the University of Chicago. Ah we all love family trivia.

    • I like your comment about the big bedroom and it being “funny what one remembers”. The richest parts of history are always in those little details, aren’t they? That’s why I have been trying to do recorded interviews with as many of the older generation of my family as I can. The things they remember! It sometimes takes a little bit of time to get them going but once they start talking, I just love sitting and listening. And the best part is — I don’t just have the stories … I have their voices. It keeps their spirit alive forever ….

      Thanks for your contributions to my blog … if you ever want to write a couple posts about your memories of your family, you are most welcome.

    • Hi Dennis

      I grew up in the house mentioned under Lot 4 Concession Road and could send you a picture if you want. My grandfather bought it around 1918 and i had researched the land records when i was young and remember seeing the Cotter name on the record. I have a copy of the land registry record around also somewhere.
      Ken Byrne


        Hello Ken: I would appreciate anything on the old house and a copy of the land records. If there is any cost I’d gladly reimburse you. I have been looking for something like this for years. Dennis Cotter 5240 New Ct. West Bloomfield, MI 48323 1-248-681-5861 It was very nice of you to take the time to answer. I’m attaching a picture that some remote relatives sent me years ago saying they thought this was a Cotter house which was once used by the Ursaline (sp) nuns? Also, are you familiar with the work of Victoria Fenner (_Vifenner@qmail.com_ ( ) she has a wonderful web site and blog all about Esex County. Lastly, I always wondered if Byrne was pronounced BURN or BURNEE ? Again, so very nice to hear from you.

      • Hi Dennis

        I will be back home in a few days and will scan in and email you. The land record i have lists the grant of land in 1847 to Michael Cotter then transferred to via will in 1872 to Peter Cotter then to Mary Cotter in 1903. Hopefully this is the linage makes sense to you. If so i will email you a few of the pictures i have of the inside of the house as well. I know the fireplace in the living room is original. The house was built like a brick fortress literally as some of the walls were 3 feet thick of bricks.
        The Ursline nuns i believe lived in the Hogan House. Your picture did not come through though.

        If you are in a French area it is pronounced Burnee and non french it is Burn.

        Which email address would you want the material emailed to?

      • Ken: Let me apologize for my senior moment in my initial reply. For some reason I thought
        you comment was from the Essex Co. GenWeb site run by Elizabeth LaDouceur. And I always promote Vickie Fenner’s web site in answering any query. Thus I anwered as I did.

        The Cotter’s you mentioned are mine. I was surprised that the house picture might be the Hogan’s. If you send me your email address, I’ll enclose the picture direct to you.

      • Hi Dennis

        My email is I live in Tampa Fl and my number is 813 657 4670. I did check out the Fenner site and i know of her family. I am going to send her the Byrne family tree that goes back the original settlors in the 1840’s.

        I do come to Windsor frequently and if you are interested in the orginal deed of the property it is attainable at the registry office. Michael Cotter received the original land deed from the crown. If you are ever over to Canada and want to go in the house the couple that own it are very much into the house and its history and would probably welcome a visit by you. I do know what has structually changed since the Cotters had owned it.

        Look forward to the picture and see if i can recognize the house in Woodslee.


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