Reflections on Leaving Home

I haven’t been updating this blog very often these days. I’m moving. Only a couple of blocks, but still, it’s a lot of work.

As I do all my packing, I’ve been thinking about all of my ancestors who went a lot further than I am going. I wonder, what must it have been like to decide to go to a place that you know practically nothing about, break the news to the people who love you and will be leaving behind, choose the few things that you can bring on board ship, and then watch the only place you knew disappear as the ship heads out to the open ocean.

That’s just for starters. Then there’s the 6-8 week voyage with a couple of hundred other people, the crowded conditions. The storms, the boredom, the worry about the kids falling overboard, bad food …

All of this to go to … where? In the case of my ancestors, a patch of thick dense bush.

All of a sudden, the difficulties of my move seem pretty little …


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