I Know There are Relatives Reading this Blog

Always interesting to look at the stats and see who’s reading. I can’t tell exactly who you are because it doesn’t get that precise. But I can see the search terms that are entered. So I know there are some Fenners, some Dodsons, and a lot of Delauriers who are reading my posts. And I know there’s a fair number of people from Maidstone who are reading too because the name comes up on a fairly regular basis.

So if you’re a relative, or a neighbour, or even somebody who just pops by, please leave a comment. Good to know that people are finding this site useful.

Coming up in the next post … I found the wills for two brothers — Adam Fenner (my great great grandfather) and John Fenner (his brother from Comber). The two wills are so different … and, from what I can tell, so were the two brothers.



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  1. Hi: Have some detail on the Cotter/Donovan families of Rochester & Maidstone would share.

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