The Parish of St. Joachim

I thought it was about time to post something about our French neighbours. When I was a kid, I always thought it strange that we would drive by houses just down the road where there were kids playing in the yard. I often wondered ” why don’t we know those kids?”

There has always been a divide between French and English Essex County. Especially on the Middle Road (now County Road 46) which was the main dividing line between the two solitudes. We never went to St. Joachim very often, despite it only being a few miles away. We mainly stayed on our side of the road.

Reading this next article, written by Father Joseph Emery in 1943, reminds me that the history of Essex County’s French shore is just as rich (or even more so) than the English shores and lands.

Father Emery’s writings formed a substantial part of Grandma’s History of Rochester township. In the next post, up in a minute, I’ll post what he wrote about the very earliest times of European colonization in the French part of the county.


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