More Family Trees – Comber, Woodslee, Maidstone, misc

Here are more family names that Grandma has family tree information for. It will be a while before I’m able to post them online but here is the list so you know what I’ve got (in case you’re looking)

Comber: Dodson, Parr, Morris, Brown (Jack – also from Ruscomb), Wallace (also fr, Woodslee), Morris

Gosfield/Cottam: Brooker

Maidstone/Woodslee – Wallace (no relation to Comber Wallaces ); Mooney; McPharlin; McHugh; Totten; London; Little; McHugh; Mullins; McCloskey

Mersea/Leamington: Delaurier; Derbyshire; Foster;
Oldcastle/Sandwich: Vollans
Pike Creek/Tecumseh: Montgomery

Various locations: Hillier (various branches lived all over the county)

Woodslee/Gosfield: Millen; Moon; Scratch (formerly Kratz)


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  1. Do you have any records for Moynahan in your grandmothers papers? Thanks so much

    • I think there are some mentions, but I don’t think she has a family tree .. I”ll see what I have ..

      • robyn knutson

        Hi Victoria

        I came across your blog about Vollans Families…I have started a tree on ancestry and have some loose ends to tie up. If you have any information on the Vollans, it would be appreciated

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