French Family Names

Those of us who grew up close to the Middle Road (now County Road 46 in Essex County) have some insights into the nature of the relationship between Canada’s Two Solitudes.

Traditionally, the Middle Road was the dividing line between French Essex County (north) and non-French Essex County (the south).

Essex County has been the site of some severe wars of words between our two founding nations. My grandmother was one of those people who was able to bridge those divides. Partly because her father’s family was French — Grandpa Fred Delaurier married an English woman (Euphemia Foster), but I think Grandma still retained some of her the Frenchness in her spirits, though not in language.

I was surprised to find an extensive list of family histories for families north of the Middle Road from Belle River to Stoney Point.

Her family trees don’t cover as many generations as her histories of English speaking families. Fortunately, the French histories are easier to find — the Catholics were much much better at record keeping than we Protestants were.

Here is the list of French family names in her books (and a couple of English names from these towns too). There are probably more .. this is what I’ve found so far.

Adam; Allard; Bacon; Barrette; Beaulieu; Bellemore; Benoit; Beuget; Boucher; Carrick; Caza; Cazabon; Charron; Comartin; Dauphinois; Ducharme; Dupuis; Durocher; Emery; Girard; Giroux; Guilbeault; Janisse; Lacharite; Ladouceur; Lafreniere; Lajoie; Laporte; Lassaline; Leboeuf; Leduc; Levasseur; Levesque; Mailloux; Mero; Meunier; Moison; Mousseau; Paquette; Parent; Pissonneault; Plante; Quenneville; Regnier; Renaud; Rivait; Rivest; Schiller; Souligny; St. Louis; Sylvestre; Tellier; Tessier; Tremblay; Trepanier; Trotechaud; Trudelle; Vermette; Walker


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  1. Lori Fenner Kujbida

    Victoria – this is a beautiful tribute to our grandmother. One who remains deep inside of us all…
    Lori Fenner Kujbida

  2. I was wondering if you have come across the name of Beatrice Mary Walker from St. Joachim or Norman Guilbeault. Beatrice was born around 1920, just doing some family ancestry research. Please let me know if you have any further info on the Walker family from St. Joachim.

  3. Galerno Galarneau (stoney point)

    Hi am researching my family in comber (tilbury west) for a Benjamin Galerno who lived on middle road just outside of the town of comber also his son Joseph Francis Galarneau from stoney point or (tibury north) Any help or info would be great thanks you …..Ricky Gallerno

  4. Hi Victoria…just perusing the French names and you misspelled Pinsonneault. You spelled it Pissonneault. I am a Pinsonneault 🙂

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