Family Trees – Ruscomb and Woodslee

There is too much detail in Grandma’s family trees to post them online right now. Many of her family trees have several hundred names. I’m listing the families to let everyone know that they are in her books.

These are the main family headings … there is likely a thousand more names in the collection once you get into the details of who married whom … So if you don’t see your family name here, it doesn’t mean you’ve been left out. It just means I need to figure out a way to deal with the details in a better format than a blog.

I’ll be posting them in a few separate posts sorted by town so you’re not overwhelmed with too much info.

Ruscomb families:

Dornte (later changed to Dornton)

Woodslee Families (includes Maidstone and Gosfield families who lived close to Woodslee. I will be posting more families that are further up the road in future postings.

Dewhirst (Woodslee)
Ebbinghaus (Woodslee)
Fitzgerald (Woodslee)
Jariett (Woodslee)
Mitchell (Woodslee)
McMurren (Woodslee)
Plant (Woodslee)
Pearce (Woodslee)
Ruston (Woodslee)
Wilcox (Woodslee)
Millen (Woodslee/Gosfield)
Moon (Woodslee/Gosfield)
Scratch (formerly Kratz) (Woodslee/Gosfield)
London (Woodslee/Maidstone)
Little (Woodslee/Maidstone)
McHugh (Woodslee/Maidstone)
Mullins (Woodslee/Maidstone)
McCloskey (Woodslee/Maidstone)


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  1. This website is going to prove to be a real treasure for county families!

  2. I enjoyed looking at your site, some interesting work here. I am related to McMurrens, Rustons and Pearces as well as the Harvey family which was in Woodslee for many years. I look forward to seeing more here. Thanks for sharing.

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